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Hello, my name is Julieann Lutrario and I am a senior at James Madison University. I am pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Media Arts and Design with a concentration in Corporate Communication. I have two minors, Human Resource Development and Nonprofit Studies. My expected graduation date is May 2013.

Here is a link to my Resume.
*References can be provided by request.

Relative Course Work:

While being enrolled as a student in the Media Arts and Design program , as well as my minor programs, I have taken many core classes needed to complete the degree requirements.

-Fundamental Skills in Media Arts and Design I:
As a student in this class, we learned how to proficiently use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign.

The final project was to create a magazine cover of your choice using the three Adobe programs. This is a black and white version of my magazine cover.

Magazine Cover Table of Contents

-Fundamental Skills in Media Arts and Design II:
This was a two part class. During the first half of the semester we learned how to use Adobe Dreamweaver to make a basic website. The second half of the class focused on basic concepts of shooting and editing film and audio.

This is my final website using basic HTML and CSS in Adobe Dreamweaver.

Dukette's Website

We had to make a basic website design on a club/association that we were involved in at JMU using Adobe Dreamweaver.

Video– This is a link to my final movie project

-News Reporting and Writing:
Over the course of the semester we spent time learning fundamentals in news writing, determining what is considered newsworthy, and how to compose and manage a group blog.

News Story 1– Story about a meeting in the Harrisonburg community.

News Story 2– Story about a minority group or a noteable figure in the Harrisonburg/JMU community.

News Story 3– Feature Story.

**After taking Fundamental Skills in Media Arts and Design II and News Reporting and Writing I was able to interview, film, and edit a promotional video for a friend.

Promotional Video

-Intermediate Design for the Web I:

During the course of the class we learned how to make an appealing website using HTML 5, CSS, Adobe Dreamweaver, and other current web techniques.

The final project was to successfully use HTML 5, CSS and Adobe Dreamweaver to create a website either for a organization or to use as a personal profile. 

This is a snapshot of the website I made.

For our final project we had to make a website using Adobe Dreamweaver HTML and CSS for a club of our choosing.

-Corporate Communications Management:
While enrolled in this class, we learned how to successfully create a Corporate Communications campaign based on a company and corporate communications topic of our choosing. 

Anheuser Busch Social Responsibility Campaign
1. Campaign Write-Up
2. Memo
3. Ad #1

Ad #1

-Occupational Task Analysis
This class allowed me to learn how to create a Human Resource program for an organization around Harrisonburg, Va. In teams of five to six students we were to diagnose a problem within an organization, explain the problem, and create a Human Resource program for the diagnosed problem. 

-Practicum in Speech Communication:
While enrolled in this class, we deeply discussed genocide and refugee issues. We went on an Alternative Spring Break trip in March and are currently trying to start a nonprofit organization; Erase Indifference. Erase Indifference will help to create awareness of such issues. I am learning how to delegate tasks amongst a large group to achieve a common goal- start Erase Indifference and raise awareness. We have been keeping a blog of our thoughts since the beginning of the semester. I have created the logo to start the process.

Erase Indifference

Erase Indifference logo

-Nonprofit Management:
While in this class, we learned how the steps of starting and managing a nonprofit. During this class we worked in groups and came up with our own nonprofit based on a category assigned to us. Throughout this course, I learned how to successfully divide tasks to produce the best end product as well as many facets of the management of a nonprofit. I also learned how to write effective and succinct mission statements and strategic plans, how to write and find grants, and different roles within a nonprofit.

Nonprofit Plan

-Elementary Italian II:
As a member of this class, I learned how to understand basic Italian through listening activities, writing activities, and oral activities. I also learned basic Italian vocabulary, phrases, and grammar.

Italian Presentation– I had to give a 3 minute presentation in Italian about a topic specific to the Italian culture. From this presentation I learned how to convey my points in a different language to a group of students.

Communication Experience:

Communications Intern: June 2012-August 2012

I was an intern at the National Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) Advocacy Office in Washington, DC. While there I was in charge of the communications for the Advocacy branch of the Association. I collaborated with the National Office in Tucson, Az. to make sure the Advocacy had a strong presence on MDA’s Facebook and Twitter. I crafted messages suitable for both avenues on a variety of topics related to the organization, specifically Advocacy and governmental issues. I was also in charge of the blog and wiki portion of the “Transitions Center,” a place for members of the community going through a “transition.” I was given the task to e-mail members of the community who were willing to participate in these endeavors, ask for their contributions, follow-up after the final product had been submitted to the website and craft social media messages to drive people to the site. I was also in charge of a new project for the Advocacy office. I, along with another intern, produced tools that focused on helping field staff effectively help community members. These documents focused on a variety of topics including, At Home Modifications, How To Apply for Social Security, Writing an IEP, In Case of Emergency and many others. They came to be known as “MDA’s Tips for Success Kit” and are published on the MDA Advocacy website.  

Work Experience:

– Loudoun Learning : Spring 2005- Summer 2012
Loudoun Learning is the largest teacher supply store in the Northern Virginia area. I currently serve as a Senior Assistant. During my time at Loudoun Learning, I have learned how to step up as a leader and delegate tasks to my co-workers. I have also gained customer service experience.

– Lowry’s Crab Shack: Summer 2010- Summer 2012
Lowry’s Crab Shack is a small seafood restaurant in Hamilton, Va.  During my time at the restaurant, I also gained great customer service experience, especially dealing with unhappy customers. I also learned how to work with a team to maintain a productive work environment, especially during busy times (Friday-Sunday).

– Special Events Catering: Fall 2010- Present
I am a head server at Special Events Catering at JMU. From this job, I have learned how to work effectively with a team to set up, run, and clean an event. I have also learned how to give orders to co-workers, some of them older, in order to accomplish a goal of a smooth and efficient service. This job has also shown me the planning steps necessary to execute an event.

Service Learning

-Alternative Spring Break: March 2012
I was fortunate enough to be able to go on an Alternative Spring Break trip with 12 other participants to Phoenix, Az. While there we worked with 2 agencies, Catholic Charities and Lost Boys of Sudan, to learn and experience refugee issues first hand. While there, we had the pleasure of setting up an apartment for a family coming from the Congo, we bought and donated about $1000 worth of necessities, we met and visited with families as well as listened to their stories.


– Dukettes, The Official Dance Team of James Madison University : July 2009-June 2012
I performed at home football and basketball games. Our team represented James Madison University at different events around Harrisonburg. From being on the team I learned how to effectively time manage as well as how to present my self in a positive light.

-Big Brothers Big Sisters: September 2011-Present
I currently have a “little sister” in 5th grade at South River Elementary School. While working with her, I have learned how to instill positive values and goals for the future in a child. She has gone from a C student to an A/B student that is heavily involved in classroom activities and strives for excellence. 

-First Year Orientation Guide (FROG): August 2012
As a First Year Orientation Guide, or a FROG, I along with two other students led a group of 65 First Year students at James Madison University. We answered their questions, helped with their concerns and got them acclimated to college life. There were about 275 FROG’s and about 4,002 First Years and was an unpaid position. Through this experience I learned how to effectively work with a team to lead others to success, recognized the role of time management, and worked on my communications skills to coordinate meeting times and effectively answers questions. 

Muscular Dystrophy Summer Camp Counselor: June 2012
As a camp counselor I was responsible for an 11-year-old boy with a form of Muscular Dystrophy. Throughout this week I was responsible for the proper care and facilitation of a safe environment while still maintaining a positive experience for the camper. I visited camp a week earlier for my internship and led a number of activities, with the other interns in the office, to a group of 7-8 year old boys. This allowed me to learn how to plan activities as well as lead activities while catering to a younger audience.

*The picture at the top of the page is an original photo taken in Phoenix, Az while on an Alternative Spring Break trip.