smad 307 post #1

While browsing the internet for an interesting SMADY topic I stumbled across this article.

Apple settled on the decision to release the iBook 2 application (app). This new feature will start immediately.

This app will allow major text book publishing companies to design an interactive version of textbooks. iTunes U tried to allow a similar feature, by allowing students to download podcasts, notes, lectures, etc. With iBooks 2 the students will be able to actually by the books but view them on their iPads, iPods, or iPhones.

What about those people who like to highlight or sticky note their books? Well, with the iBook 2 app you can highlight, make notes, turn the notes into flashcards, and view pictures in a 3-D way to get a better understanding of the material. Yes, college students will greatly benefit from this app considering the high prices of books today, but children in grade school will also be able to benefit. They will be able to look at the pictures and get a better grasp on a concept they may be having trouble with.

Apple is always trying to be ahead of the game when it comes to technology. This is just another example of how the company is dedicated to coming up with innovative ways to change our everyday lives. Rather expensive and heavy textbooks, with the help of Apple are going to hopefully be cheaper and at least a lot easier to carry around. 🙂

Here is a promo video of the features iBook 2 has to offer.