307 blog post 2

I found this interesting article on New York Times today about where and when most people use their phones.

According to this article, 75% of the population uses their phone to text, check/write email, surf the web, watch youtube videos while on the toilet. I know this may seem a little out of the ordinary but I hate to admit that I do it.

The article goes on and gives different statistics regarding the issue. I can’t decide whether I should be laughing or disgusted. I know we can all admit to technology taking over our world, but here is just another example. Our phones are now viewed as safety blankest, we never want to put them down or be somewhere without them. A statistic in the article said that about 1/4 of the population wouldn’t go to the bathroom without their cell phones. Again, this sounds a little ridiculous but I can see why people would do this. Those in the business world who are not allowed to use their cell phones during the day might need to take a “necessary” potty break to send “vital” texts.

I think it’s funny that we rely on technology this much. It just goes to show that new technology is taking over and no one is able to stop it. LONG LIVE TEXTING WHILE ON THE TOILET 🙂