smad 307 post #3

What would be a superbowl without the next-day listing of the best commercials and the commentary of the half time show.

This year only a few commercials really stood out. I found this article that ranked the top 5 best and worst. The Doritos flying baby commercial was hands down the best. Whats funnier then a flying baby that doesn’t have teeth grabbing Doritos for their grandma. Priceless. Next, the Sketchers commercial with the runny dogs. Sketchers today are the shoe that people make fun of, sad to say but it’s true. I know after that commercial me and my friends wanted a pair of their new shoes! We actually all started chanting “Sketchers, Sketcher!” after the commercial aired. The next commercial was the Budweiser through history commercial. This one was in the first quarter and showed how everyone reacted once Prohibition ended. I thought it was a different approach but still used their signature Clydesdale.

Now the halftime show. Here is an article I found on ESPN about the show. Since Janet Jackson’s wardrobe mishap the Halftime show has never been the same. The older bands who were cool when my parents were growing up are not want I want to be watching. I think in theory Madonna was a great idea but in actuality her performance was sub-par. I know some of her old ways probably would not have been tolerated at the Super Bowl but at least do something to spice the performance up. She “sang” 2 of her old songs, which I think she could have chosen better ones, and her new single. The somehow Cee Lo Green, MIA, and LMFAO showed up to join in on the fun. Oh, and lets talk about MIA flipping the bird, REALLY!?  I think they were trying way to hard to mix old and new. They also had way to many ideas jumbled together for anyone to find it enjoyable. On a positive note maybe the hafltime shows will start to get better!?