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Google announced late last week that they were going to be dropping their new cloud storage system known as “Drive” to the Wall Street Journal. Many articles have said that it is to be launched rather soon although no date is specified. This service will be free (unless you want to add additional space) and will allow users to upload pictures, videos, and other multimedia files. These files will also be able to be viewed on different types of devices.

This service is similar to Apple’s “iCloud”, Dropbox, and Box. Adding Drive to the mix is going to create some interesting competition. Google has a number of businesses and individuals who use their apps and services on a daily basis. This gives Google the leg up in the competition, although Dropbox is said to be the leading service for every device; Mac or Pc, and iCloud being the leader in the Mac world.

Cloud storage for those of you who do not know is a place for people to back up their files online.  These services allow users to back up their files without the use of expensive thumb drives or hard drives. Some of the services are free, some are free for a certain amount of space, and some are pay per month.

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