smad 307 blog pose #5

I found this blog called Alltop. It’s a website dedicated to many different categories but I found a web design one. I looked through a few of the articles and they are all pretty interesting and helpful. They range from how to price your services to simple css how to’s.

While reading articles from the website I came across an article that I found to be interesting and helpful, considering most of us are second semester juniors or seniors and are going to be going out in the real world soon. The article was called “5 Biggest Newbie Video Mistakes Freelancers Make.”

All of the SMADies have taken SMAD 202 and learned basic video principles while filming other people beside ourselves. While we may think that some of the same principles apply to videotaping ourselves, they do not. I found the rule, do not use to much camera movement to be the best example to demonstrate the previous statement. We were taught how to pan to capture certain movements and to get the whole frame. When videotaping yourself though there should be no movement because you are focusing on yourself.

When trying to put yourself in the best light and land your dream job, follow these tips. Our SMAD 202  education will help us while we are on the job and get the random assignments to film something!

Happy reading!