smad 307 blog post #6


Thursday night I was at home diligently getting work done with my roommate and my neighbor. We were all deeply engrained in what I thought was our homework when my neighbor cries out “OMG ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?” Deeply intrigued I asked “Doug, what is wrong?” He flipped his computer around to display a picture that I thought I would never see in my life-smart glasses. I quickly opened my computer and found many articles, including this one on a technology that blew my mind- Google Smart Glasses!!

There is rumor that Google, the leader of all that is great, could launch these glasses sometime this year.

According to this article, the glasses would have a similar shape of the staple Oakleys. The glasses would be able to connect to the Internet (potentially using your PHONE) and look up information that would be displayed in the lenses. These glasses would also have cameras to monitor and record what the wearer was looking at….. WHY DO PEOPLE CARE WHAT I AM LOOKING AT?

These are just some of the features that these fashion-technology forward glasses are said to have. Google’s X team are said to be working on them and the features are still up for debate.

I don’t know about you but these sound like they would make me nausea. Things would be popping up left and right inches from my face. If you can’t use your hands or voice how will the glasses know when to stop searching or go back a page? We are getting so obsessed with constant information and everything is turning “smart” that we had to turn to the only thing that isn’t-glasses. This idea would be cool to see a few years down the road but right now I think the kinks really need to be worked out before they are put on the market.