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KONY 2012

You have to be a hobbit living in a remote location of the world surrounded only by trees and animals to have not heard about this phenomenon.

Invisible children came out with their Kony 2012 last Tuesday, March 6th. The heart of the campaign is the heart-wrenching video that has over 70 million views on Youtube. The video gives a little bit of background information about Joseph Kony and what he is going in Africa as well as a very detailed action plan both for the organization and those at home watching. The organization wants to make Kony a household name and have him captured by the end of 2012.

Joseph Kony is the leader of the LRA (Lord’s Resistant Army) and is abducting children, both girls and boys. If the children happen to be girls they are rapped and/or used as sex slaves. If they are boys, they are given drugs to numb their mind and put into Kony’s army. The child soldiers are asked to slaughter their friends and family as well as many other horrifying things. If the boys resist, they are killed. He started his reign about 26 years ago in Uganda. He started to spread and move into parts of southern Sudan, and the Congo. Now he has moved to central Africa.

While there are many criticisms about this campaign and the video, I think we are very capable of finding the warlord in 2012. Although the part of Africa he is now in is a jungle that all looks the same, I recently learned on my Alternative Spring Break trip that a lot of networking in Africa relies on money. America has the money to pay influential leaders that know where Kony is hiding. We need to create awareness of this issue. Talk about it, like the Facebook page, follow them on Twitter, research Kony, or at the very least take 30 minutes out of your busy schedule to watch the video. We owe it to the children who have been affected to help.