smad 307 post #8

In my last post I talked about the Kony 2012 campaign/video. The video went viral about 2 weeks ago and has over 100 million views making one of the most viral videos. The Kony 2012 campaign wants to catch Joseph Kony, the leader of the LRA in the year 2012. The campaign accompanied with the video has sparked much controversy and praise. This article made me cringe when I read it! I am going to argue some of the points that were mentioned.

The first point I have a strong problem with is number 3- the author states ” It is misguided – this is not a good target – there are worse current human rights offenders and he is a spent force”

While I do agree with the statement “there are worse current human rights offenders” the before and after pure opinions with no fact. Kony IS a good target and he is NOT a spent force. Kony has been stealing and killing children for 26 years how is he not a good target!? Also just because Kony has moved into another area he is NOT a spent force, he has just relocated and changed his tactics.

The second point I have trouble understanding is number 1- “The campaign misrepresents reality – in other words, it distorts the truth for its own ends. Kony is not in Uganda. The issue is much more complicated and the use of American force may make it worse.”

If you watch the video the organization tries very hard to simplify and describe to the best of their ability what is going on. The video also never specifically says that Kony is in Uganda. We all know that Kony started in Uganda but now has moved to the Congo and the Central African Republic. There is no truth that is distorted. I think that the video shows the facts in a very realistic way.

I also totally disagree with his point ” Pay $30 for a campaigning kit – buy the bracelet and the t-shirt! No commitment there really.” The bracelets help to show support and get the message out. The video clearly states that the bracelets will create awareness and “make Kony famous.”

While I understand there will be criticisms with everything, I think this article did a horrible job criticizing. He has clearly never done any research about the situation as well as the problems that are going on in Africa. The article is also deeply rooted in opinion with little to no facts to back his claims up. Also if you are going to write a critique use your own ideas, not someone elses!