smad 307 post #9

While working on a project for one of my classes on Sunday my friend was next to me asking if I had heard of the shooting in Florida. I quickly said no but asked what had happened. Trayvon Martin was a 17 year old boy walking in a gated community during the night and was shot by a 30 year old neighborhood watchman. The man, George Zimmerman called 911 saying that a boy was walking by himself and was suspicious. The operator instructed Zimmerman not to follow the kid, instead he ended up shooting him. Martin had a pack of skittles, a bottle of iced tea and his cell phone on him, he was not a threat to anyone’s safety.

This case is fascinating in the worst case possible. First, Zimmerman was never detained, questioned, or charged of anything after he admitted to the murder. He was left to go back home and live a normal life. WHY WAS A 30 YEAR OLD MAN WHO JUST ADMITTED TO MURDERING A 17 YEAR OLD BOY FREE TO WALK!?

Second, Zimmerman claimed that he killed Martin for his own self-defense. George says in articles that Trayvon was chasing him and broke his nose as he tried to get away from him. I don’t know if this sounds sketchy to anyone else but, how does a boy who is running at you from behind going to reach your nose? Also, if he was running at you from behind that means he might have intended to do worse things then just break your nose. Also, there are no medical records or documentation of a broken nose. I will be the first to tell you that if someone broke my nose after running up behind me in the dark of night, the first action after trying to regain composure would be to take a picture and get myself to a hospital pronto.

Third, this event happened on February 26th. The media just picked it up about a week and a half ago…. This case is one that in a short amount of time has sparked TREMENDOUS controversy (rightfully so), so why wasn’t this brought to our attention a month ago when it happened?

This case actually makes me sick to my stomach. What is wrong with our society, legal system, morals, and Florida police that they think it is ok to let a guilty man walk free? Zimmerman has been free for a month now. Trayvon’s parents and many others have spoken out in true anger to get the case and issue of racism known and analyzed. There are many protests around the country where people are wearing jeans and a hoodie (with the hood up) and carrying around skittles and iced tea to create awareness and show support for a kid whose life was cut to short.

“Let us remember: What hurts the victim most is not the cruelty of the oppressor, but the silence of the bystander.”- Elie Wiesel