smad 307 post #10


Before coming into this class I was a little intimidated by Dreamweaver. There were so many ways to do one thing and I got confused really easy. I simply enjoyed doing code on TextWrangler or Wordpad. But, in order to make a website look pretty and to make my life easier Dreamweaver was my best bet. Now, I LOVE DREAMWEAVER. Yesterday I had to sit through a hour and fifteen minute class learning the basics of Dreamweaver and was very bored.

I loved learning about the different CSS styles that you can apply to a website. I liked learning about all of the different things you can change about a website to make it unique. I love website building because each website is different and can exude your personality!

I also like learning how to do SPRITES! At first I hated it, but, as I started to become more comfortable with it I realized that this is the best way to approach navigation. Yes, it takes a little more time but in my opinion it looks better and it loads a lot faster. Also, if I ever wanted to pursue web building as a career knowing how to use SPRITES sets me apart from everyone else out there!

I am now working on my final project, a website for a new nonprofit Erase Indifference. It is a work in progress but it is going to look awesome when it is done!