The Life of an Intern

When one says the word “intern” a few things quickly pop into my mind: coffee, copy girl, faxing, paper, “grabbing lunch” for someone as well as many more. So before starting my internship… Continue reading

smad 307 post #10

THIS IS MY LAST BLOG POST!!! Before coming into this class I was a little intimidated by Dreamweaver. There were so many ways to do one thing and I got confused really easy.… Continue reading

smad 307 post #9

While working on a project for one of my classes on Sunday my friend was next to me asking if I had heard of the shooting in Florida. I quickly said no but… Continue reading

smad 307 post #8

In my last post I talked about the Kony 2012 campaign/video. The video went viral about 2 weeks ago and has over 100 million views making one of the most viral videos. The… Continue reading

smad 307 post #7

KONY 2012 You have to be a hobbit living in a remote location of the world surrounded only by trees and animals to have not heard about this phenomenon. Invisible children came out… Continue reading

smad 307 blog post #6

SMART GLASSES! Thursday night I was at home diligently getting work done with my roommate and my neighbor. We were all deeply engrained in what I thought was our homework when my neighbor… Continue reading

smad 307 blog pose #5

I found this blog called Alltop. It’s a website dedicated to many different categories but I found a web design one. I looked through a few of the articles and they are all… Continue reading

smad 307 post 4

Google announced late last week that they were going to be dropping their new cloud storage system known as “Drive” to the Wall Street Journal. Many articles have said that it is to… Continue reading

smad 307 post #3

What would be a superbowl without the next-day listing of the best commercials and the commentary of the half time show. This year only a few commercials really stood out. I found this… Continue reading


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